What types of projects does the Endowment fund?
The Izaak Walton League of America (IWLA) seeks to protect the outdoors for future generations and the Endowment supports this mission by providing grants for conservation, outdoor recreation, and education projects. These include a wide range of activities, such as stream clean-ups, invasive control, tree planting, and youth programs. See our Recent Grants webpage for more examples and ideas.

What types of projects does the Endowment NOT provide grants for?
We do not fund land acquisition, building construction or repair. We also do not fund salaries for League volunteers or employees. If you are unsure if your project qualifies for a grant, contact one of our Board members. They are available to answer your questions.

Are there any limits on how many grants a chapter or division can receive?
There are no limits on the number of grants, but most chapters or divisions only apply for one or two grants at a time. Each grant must be applied for separately.

What are the important dates to keep in mind?
Our annual grant cycle has three critical dates:
Grant Submission: Submit applications by mail or email no later than May 1st.
Award: Our Board approves grants each July during the League’s National Convention.
Final Report: Final Reports must be postmarked or emailed no later than July 1st of the year following approval of the grant.

What happens when I submit the grant application?
After you submit your application, the Endowment Board Members review it. If there are any questions or concerns, we will contact you. The Board then meets at the National IWLA Convention in July to determine available funds and approve grants.

What happens if my grant application is not approved?
The Endowment Board President will contact you to discuss why the grant was not approved.

To receive a grant, does the applicant need to contribute matching funds to the project?
Although matching funds are not required, the Board likes to see grant requests where the chapter or division shares in the cost of the project. We also encourage chapters and divisions to seek out and obtain additional funding sources to cover part of the project cost.

I’ve never applied for a grant before. Can you help me do this?
Yes. The Endowment wants to help League members with conservation projects all across the United States. We are particularly interested in receiving applications from divisions and chapters that have not applied for grants in the past.

To start, go to the Grant Application page and view the application form and directions. Refer back to these FAQs if you have any questions. If you need further help contact the Executive Secretary and a Board member will be in touch to answer your questions and guide you through the process.

What must I include in the project description? How long should it be?
The length and amount of detail we need in your project description depends on two things:
● How complicated your project is
● The size of the grant you are requesting

For all projects, make sure you describe what work will be completed and the steps you will take to get it done. State the goals for your project and the specific results you want to see. Discuss how grant funds will be spent, including direct and indirect costs. You may choose to include additional documents, like maps and diagrams, to support and strengthen your application.

How will I know if the grant has been awarded?
Grant awards will be announced at the League’s National Convention. Formal notifications will be mailed to successful applicants shortly thereafter.

If my grant is approved, when will I receive the funding?
Included with the letter from the Endowment will be a Grant Payment Request form. Fill this out and return it to the Endowment when our funds are needed. You must submit this form no later than April 30th of the year following approval and funds must be used by June 1st. The Endowment Board will consider requests for an extension on a case-by-case basis. Unused funds must be returned to the Endowment.

If you do not request the funds by April 30th of the year following approval, the grant lapses and you must re-apply.

Do I have to attend the National Convention to receive a grant?
We encourage you to attend the National Convention. However, we do not require you to do so. If we need to contact you during the Board’s deliberations, we will contact you by phone, email or in person.

Do I have to attend the National Convention to report on a grant?
Grant recipients must submit their written Final Reports by mail or email no later than July 1st. They do not need to present their reports at the National Convention. You can also designate someone knowledgeable with the project to represent you at the convention.

What do I need to include in the Final Report?
You must include a description of the project, benefits gained, and actual costs vs budget. We also encourage you to include pictures of the project. Reports must be sent to the Executive Secretary by July 1st of the following year.
Final Report Template >

Does the Endowment only provide grants to IWLA divisions, chapters and the national office?
With very few exceptions, the Endowment makes grants only to IWLA chapters, divisions, and national IWLA programs. However, we will consider requests from outside non-profits on a case-by-case basis. We will award such grants only with a unanimous vote from the board. We always encourage our members to partner with community groups and other non-profits on their projects.

What is the best way for the grant recipient to track expenditures?
Many chapters set up a separate account to track grant funds. This helps the chapter ensure that funds are spent according to the project budget. Contact the Executive Secretary if you have questions and one of our Board members will help you set it up.

If my project requires significant amount of volunteer time to complete, how do I value each hour in my overall budget?
The Endowment does not reimburse for volunteer hours. The value of each volunteer hour is $24. A separate line item for volunteer hours should be identified in your budget. The volunteer hours should also be reported in your final report budget.

If our project expenditures change, who should I inform?
An Endowment board member will be assigned as a point of contact for each approved grant. If your project costs change, inform your point of contact. He or she will discuss the changes with the Board and secure authorization before spending any more grant funds.

What else do I need to know about the grant application?
Complete the grant application found on the “Apply for a Grant” webpage. Don’t forget to include your EIN federal tax number. Your grant application must be completed in full to be considered for funding. All grant applications must be sent to George Guyant, IWLA Endowment Board Executive Secretary, on or before May 1st.

If I have questions about the grant process, who should I call?
You can call or contact George Guyant, IWLA Endowment Executive Secretary, at 715-824-2405 or via e-mail at [email protected].